Our table lanterns do add comfort and leisure to your home. Warm colours and a delicate gleam of light radiate a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

While “Desert Sand” and “Sahara” spread the flair of oriental secrets and stories about the Arabian Nights, our lighthouse with its clean design and simple elegance is both, position light and guidepost on the way to happiness.

All 3 of them are available in a delicate rosé. Sahara and Lighthouse are also offered in a subdued grey variant.

Sahara Rosé ‧ Size: 14 cm ‧ Item: 1191
Sahara Grey‧ Size: 14 cm ‧ Item: 1192
Desert Sand ‧ Size: 19 cm ‧ Item: 1193
Lighthouse Rosé ‧ Size: 17,5 cm ‧ Item: 1194
Lighthouse Grey ‧ Size: 17,5 cm ‧ Item: 1195