Here you can get them again, the good old wall plates! However, we have found our very own interpretation and dedusted the often fusty image of this traditional home accessory. The delicate body relief of our favourite animals gently bulges from the hollow of our handcrafted plates. The eye-catcher is an anatomical heart out of alloyed gold, placed on the chest. A three-dimensional animal head is moulded with great care and attention to detail, and looks at the observer, sometimes mischievously, sometimes seriously. All our wall plates are unique, made out of finest bone china in our partner company in the Philippines.

You would need to hold it in your hands to get convinced by the quality and to feel the velvety surface.

If wanted, one might as well use the Wall Plates as a bowl.

So far, we are offering two different options:

Our bear is strong and without fear. “Here I am”, says the bear. I do not need to smile to get your respect.  I do have a golden heart and you can rely on me.

Although our donkey is a little stubborn, it is more about cheekiness. He does not take life too seriously and is confidently looking forward into the future. As a pack mule on the way

Bear ‧ Size: ø 19 cm, H 4 cm ‧ Item: 1281
Donkey ‧ Size: ø 19 cm, H 4 cm ‧ Item: 1282