Most of our desires, dreams and goals, seem to be big and far away. Yet, they often fit on a small piece of paper and should have their room in the Here and Now. Hidden inside our wish guardians, your desires and dreams will find a magical place, from where they can develop themselves in peace until they finally come true. Our wish guardians are hand crafted from the finest bone china- a very white porcelain considered to be the finest in the world- in a small family business in the Philippines. Each unique figure is produced according to a long-standing tradition, with great care and attention to detail. Only very few manufacturers master the time-consuming and demanding process.

The “heart” of the wish guardians is their gold-alloyed emblem on the chest. It reveals – as well as the overall appearance of the figures – much of their strengths, which they transfer to us in order to help us achieving our goals and dreams.

So far, three decorative figures belong to our “wish guardian family”:

Miss Flower

Miss Flower is the “grand dame” among our wish guardians. She unites strength and beauty, will and grace, offers consolation and gives courage.

And she tells us: Let your dreams bloom!

Eleanor Roosevelt provided the motto for our Miss Flower: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Miss Flower
‧ Size: 17.5 cm ‧ Item: 1271

Mr. Deer

Whoever knows Mr. Deer at his side, does not need to be afraid of the future. With great confidence in his own strength, Mr Deer protects our dreams and desires and accompanies us until they come true.

Mr. Deer keeps it with Ovid and states: “Happy is he who dares to courageously to defend what he loves.”

Mr. Deer‧ Size: 19 cm ‧ Item: 1272

Little Moon

With great composure, Little Moon stands by our side on the stony road to happiness. 

The inherent power of the small body spreads confidence in times of doubt and reminds us to live our dream.

Little moon is a huge follower of the quote:” Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it you will land among the stars” (Nietsche/ Les Brown)

LITTLE MOON ‧ Size: 10,5 cm ‧ Item: 1273